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Snijders M&C welcomes you Ron Snijders

Snijders M & C stands for quality services, focused on multi-nationals and supply companies in the industry. Our services include the setting up and streamlining of processes and departments within organizations. To ensure the quality of our services, we only work with professionals who are experts in their field.

Our services include:

Lifecycle Management in Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management. From the development to the decommissioning of a facility we are able to assist you in forming, organizing and streamlining processes.

Who are our experts?

Our experts are professionals who have earned their stripes, both old hands and young enthusiastic people, known in the market by their drive, motivation and expertise.






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  • Project Management

  • Estimating and Calculation

  • Engineering and Estimating

  • Service and Contracts

  • Job Preparation

  • Planning

  • Employment

  • Costcontrol 

  • Purchasing and Logistics 

  • Sales 

  • Quality, Arbo and Environment processes











Projects Snijders MC company - 2007 to present:


Rotterdam Antwerpen Pijpleiding N.V.



Maintenance Manager


Between Europoort to Antwerpen Belgium


2015 to present

In the position of Maintenance Manager organising, establishment, executing maintenance and projects together with de belonging control of calculation, design, purchase, construction, preservation and installation.

Responsible departments:

  • Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Project Preparation
  • Calculation
  • Document Control
  • Cost Control
  • Quality
  • Safety and Execution




Libbenga B.V.



Project Manager/Office Manager       


Several locations, Headoffice, Shop Vlaardingen



In the position of a Project and Office Manager organising, establishing, executing projects, among which as a major part steelconstruction, together with de belonging subcontracting like calculation, design, purchase, construction, preservation and installation.

Responsible departments:

  • Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Project Preparation
  • Calculation
  • Document Control
  • Cost Control
  • Quality
  • Safety and Execution




Verwater Group B.V.

verwater logo


Project Manager, responsible for Exxon Mobil


Botlek, Pernis, Europoort Rt


2014 - 2015

In the position of an ad interim of Verwater responsible for the location and departments of Exxon Mobil with the specific order to give structure and professionalise Safety, Quality and Implementation. Other activities training and coaching of the new Location Manager on site. 



Stork Technical Services B.V.

stork logo


Operational Support Manager


Botlek Rotterdam



As the right-hand man of the Unit manger responsible for internal departments, optimalisation and professionalisation of the structures of Project Preparation, Calculation, Purchase QA/QC and Cost Control. Besides the establisment and implementation of a "Developmentcourse Project Planning", assist Project Management on several locations with the implementation of projects and Sales with calculation and advice of requests.



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Activities in Employment


Company: Stork Industry Services B.V. Zuidwest stork industry services logo
Position: Chief Office Engineer
Location: Hoofdkantoor Botlek Rt
Duration: 2008

Both functional and hierarchic responsible of all proposal processes and departments e.g.:

  • Calculation department :

    Responsible for the calculation of al requests and proposals which are generated by the account managers, these calculations and proposals are after forming presented  to the General management.

  • Engineering/estimating:

    Responsible for the initiation of EPC (Engineering, Procurement en Construction) requests where proposals are formed and presented to the General management.

  • Maintenance and Service contracts:

    Responsible for the calculation of costs, quality optimalisations and checking the contractual conditions regarding the demands by clients, this in combination with the Maintenance management  and General Management.

  • Office engineering:

    Responsible for the personnel planning at different locations, furthermore responsible for educating the personnel in all office engineering processes that are part of their tasks, this in combination with the supporting  Human Resources department and Project management.

  • Procurement and Logistics:

    Responsible for the regional procurement policy chained to certain key performance indicators where central policy is leading. Furthermore responsible for project-procurement, support and control of logistic processes with the help of the Logistics department.

  • Sales:

    Responsible for executing, presenting and reporting of calculations, estimates and proposals, furthermore maintaining client data and  customer satisfaction, where results are presented to General Management. 


Managing:10-15 fte at main office

Supporting to:30-40 fte at different locations

Reports to: General Manager and /Director of Sales


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training 2877134 960 720

> HBO Hogere Bedrijfskunde 2

  • Management of business processes
  • Organisation and change management
  • Strategic marketingmanagement
  • Financial and Economic Management
  • Bedrijfsvoering
  • Bedrijfsbeheer

Voortgezet Beroeps Onderwijs

  • Lager Technische School
  • Fijnmechanische techniek
  • Algebra LBO (Universiteit Nebraska)
  • Engels LBO (Universiteit
  • Technisch tekenen (Universiteit Nebraska)
  • Algemene Ondernemers Vaardigheden Middenstand)
  • Elektrisch schakelen
  • Basis Inkoop Cursus
  • Onderhoudskunde
  • Total Quality Management
  • Taak Risico Analyseren
  • Klantgericht communiceren
  • Contract Awareness
  • Veiligheid voor aannemers “1”
  • Veiligheid voor aannemers “2”
  • Veiligheid voor aannemers “VOL”







Additional Info:

I am positive, determined, goal seeking, exact, communicative, creative, technical, team player, strategic and innovative.

I have lived, worked and recreated in 40 countries all over the world.

I live together with my girlfriend. No children involved.





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Snijders Management & Consultancy B.V.

Contact : Mr. R. (Ron) Snijders

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